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Born in Africa ITC has unique systems and components of operations with a world wide or international approach. ITC is not restricted to Africa alone but serves the international community Public, Private and not for profit sectors in skills, management/ leadership development, research and consulting.

ITC’s unique approach has created a new paradigmatic training model where training is problem-solution based. The training addresses the real problem or situation facing the participant/ delegate or the organization, therefore programmes and course content are tailor made for specific training needs in particular job role, industry, sector, region or continent. ITC has facilitators, moderators and assessors who are highly qualified to perform.

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We grew Rapidly in our SKILLS

International Trainers and consultancy provides the following :

Public training

Private training

In-house training

Short-term training

Research and Development

Corporate Events Management

International Benchmarking services

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To be the leading solution-based Training and Consultancy Centre serving the International community.

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To provide excellent, relevant, innovative training, capacity development research and consultancy techniques to enhance human performance, economic and social development of organizations and countries through solution based approaches.

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Compassionate and Divinity.



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